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JH, on the other hand, has been gushing about starting her own line for years now, yet we seen zero progress on that front. Her supersecretbestcollabever with Morphe was revealed, then sneak peeks were promised, and the release has been pushed back/blatantly lied about countless times. She posts once a week at best. I plant based as well, I try really hard to avoid telling people this in general, but especially when someone asks about my weight loss. All of the sudden they have a nutrition degree and omg but protein like I don religiously track my protein intake. And then come the defeated looks and I guess I have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight, I could never do that. I’m not a “real friend” or family member because I have my limits now??? I had to explain to people that I have a lot going on now. I use to be a good person to ask and didn’t have much going on when I was young. I now have a job where I take my work home with me. For detangling, it may help to detangle before you even shampoo and deep condition it. I use African Pride Aloe Coconut Water Pre Shampoo and it has changed my life. Even if you dont use that, find a detangling product Put that product in your hair in SECTIONS working it into your hair and really getting those tangles separated. Re: C Firma: I have been through 2 (3?) bottles of the full size C Firma and one DS size and I just not interested in repurchasing it anymore. Every full size bottle I bought (from Sephora) was already beginning to 고창출장안마 oxidize. I knew this based on the color of the serum and photos I had seen online, but it didnt truly hit home until I got the small size in a duo set and it was finally the color it was supposed to be. ALTERNA HAIRCARE Caviar Anti Aging Replenishing Moisture CC Cream I am so sick of haircare. I have a pixie cut that is currently my natural colour, and it gets greasy the second I put product in it. I have never indicated that I’m interested in hair products in any way. Nope. She works in a larger practice (not huge but big enough with receptionists and office managers) and the front desk handles scheduling, billing, and all contact with clients. Don’t know her email address or number. Go on Pinterest and search ‘heatless curls overnight’. All you really need to do it put your damp hair in a couple buns on top of your head. If your hair is really stubborn, add hair spray. A few days without moisturizer will make my nose flake, which to me seems normal since i haven exfoliated since august. But my skin looks ridiculously better than when i was overexfoliating, and i looking to incorporate niod non acid acid precursor (an exfoliant without acids) to slowly ease my skin back into exfoliation. BUT i know that i have HEALED my skin (even if not completely) because if i go a day without moisturizer my skin doesnt feel tight or itchy, whereas if i was overexfoliating it felt like i was simultaneously oily to boot and not using enough moisturizer. I found their single $2.50 single eyeshadows were hard to work with as 고창출장안마 well. I got a small mix of mattes and shimmers, almost all of them felt chunky or gritty. If someone is hard pressed on getting CHEAP eyeshadow singles, I would recommend Coastal Scents over Morphe, although Coastal Scents isn AMAZING to me either.